Jesus seems far away, sometimes. Heaven is like my yellow tulips: hidden.

Winter lasts forever in Canada. It gets dreary. Eventually I reach a point where faith kicks in – a logical commitment to that which I know is true. One day, I know, when I open my bedroom window, I’ll feel warm air out there. Today, though, it’s cold.

Still, there are hints, if I look for them, that spring is real and the world will not always be frozen. Here are some I found this afternoon:

[foogallery id=”1665″]

[foogallery id=”1672″]


I saved the best for last…

[foogallery id=”1674″]


Faith in God is like this. Sometimes it just takes grit, because life is bleak. When it feels like this, I have a choice: I can get depressed and wonder why He feels so far away, or I can look for signs of His presence, remember moments when I felt Him, and read the promises He makes for me and for you in His word.

Some days I do better than others. Some weeks I leave Him waiting. I ignore His arms. Turn my face in other directions.

The wonderful message of the Bible is that He doesn’t get annoyed with how difficult I’m being and give up and go away. He waits. He watches. He reaches out. He sends His Son. He sees a chasm between us, and He builds a bridge.

This weekend we’re celebrating that bridge.

I’m so glad He didn’t just throw a stick in the water with an irritated frown, and then walk away.

He’s waiting. Arms outstretched.

Let’s go!

I had a tough week. Missed three days of work. Put together a ‘crisis’ playlist. What kind of week did you have? I hope yours was better than mine. In case it wasn’t, I want to share a few songs with you.

Breathe – Acoustic (I like the idea that each breath I take is given to me so that I can worship Him)

OK (It’s okay not to be okay)

Shelter (Piano and cello – I love this combination)




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