Here are two more gems from Dear God by Bunmi Laditan.

You weave my destiny together,

and I sit here pulling threads,

criticizing colours,

weeping over last year’s patches,

fretting over tomorrow’s patterns,

screaming as we sit too close to the fire.

God, please push your loom back,

lest I go up in flames,

my quilt reduced to smoke and gaudy ash.

You look up from your work and smile,

your hands still moving so fast they’re a blur,

and pull an edge of coverlet over my trembling form

and hum me to sleep.

And the prayer that goes with the drawing of a child running…


You stand just out of reach

and let me chase you,

my hands catching the tip

of your flowing garment

before you laugh and run faster.

I laugh, and my lungs pump as I run faster,

you staying just out of reach,

then slowing down,

letting your glory graze my soul

before running out of reach again.

I will never stop chasing

as you lead me closer

and closer

to your heart,

my only home.

Pages 109 and 119 in Dear God: HONEST PRAYERS TO A GOD WHO LISTENS.

One Thought on “You”

  • A heart-felt thank you for these glimpses into life; both describe the past year. May the Lord bless you and your family in the year ahead

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