How many times have I passed over yucas in the grocery store, selecting, instead, the more familiar Yukon Gold potato for mash, fries and soups?

My first taste of yuca, also called cassava root, was in Peru.

Stuffed yuca, served to us hot and golden in a relative’s home, was unforgettable. I love the soft, powdery quality of the yuca… the outstanding experience of this root is, in my opinion, all about the texture.

Since that first taste, more than ten years ago, I’ve tried (with varying degrees of success) to boil and fry yuca in my own kitchen. This week, for the first time, I will attempt to prepare yuca rellena with two long, waxy roots a friend picked up for me at the grocery store. Wish me luck… I’ll post the results – beautiful or ugly – in a few days!

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