This past week, for the first time in my life, I ate brussel sprouts. It’s all because of a trip to Tobermory.

We left in the rain and arrived, after a few hours of driving, to a moody island in what some would call Northern Ontario (officially, it’s still Southern Ontario – you need to go an hour further to hit The North.)

As a family we’ve learned that although we like to visit tourist attractions, we like even more to leave them behind. Staying on an quiet island in a tiny inn was charming and peaceful. No one else was there. It rained three of four days.

Day One

Since my husband did all the driving, I had some energy and was ready to explore. Across from our inn were the ruins of an old lumber mill.

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Day Two

Who sleeps well away from home?

We got up (really, really) early and walked through the early morning mist.

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With some dietary restrictions in our family, finding food wasn’t straightforward. Eventually we ended up at the Green Door Cafe, where my daughter ordered brussel sprouts as us parents wrinkled our noses. They were surprisingly tasty.

Down the road from the inn, I found a quaint flower garden. Green balls destined to unfurl into poppies grew beside allium in full pop. Every garden has glory moment, and that moment, for this garden, was now. The garden wasn’t in a yard, as most are; it sat near the road on the edge of an uninhabited lot, bordered by pines on two sides and running down to the marsh-like water at the back. A potting shed was the only structure in sight.

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Day Three

Our third day began with the gift of a beautiful sunrise.

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… and continued with a visit to the local sweet shop, library, and Flowerpot Island (known for its unusual rock formations).

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You can see what I stole some time to do while others were hiking or sleeping…

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I believe that time away can teach us many things, giving us the chance to appreciate those we are with and those we meet, allowing us to find a quiet place within ourselves as we take a break from the routine, and offering us a new glimpse of normal life as we return and have the chance to feel new gratitude for daily blessings and new resolve to embrace some of that breaking-away-from-routine zest for life that feels so natural on vacation.

Thanks for joining me!

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