There are borders to your heart. Access is limited. The same is true for mine. And although I carefully guard admission to my own heart, I long for an open invitation to yours. To someone’s. Do you?

The invitation we’re longing for – the unlimited access and unfailing love we chase after…. it’s available.

I want to remind you of something. Something I find easy to forget.

When you think you are alone – the fear and distress in your heart hidden from everyone, the sorrow muted so no one hears, the pain a secret – you are wrong. Someone knows about it.

God knows.

Turn your face towards His and allow Him to restore your balance. Settle into His arms. Let Him be your place of safety during times of distress. (41 Strong Spirit)

God offers Himself to you. There are things you can do to intentionally cultivate a sense of His presence. Slow down. Quiet your spirit. Read a verse and allow it to speak to you. Listen to a song that stirs you and reminds you of His love. Spend some time looking at nature – allow it to sooth your soul. Pray.

It is only in the presence of God that we find the relief that comes from being ourselves – exposing all of our brokenness – and knowing that He is not disappointed. His love doesn’t waver. We are His. He has adopted us. He wants us, even when we have nothing to give. (21 Strong Spirit)

Here is a song I discovered this morning. It spoke to me of open access and unconditional love.

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