Against all odds, something beautiful is underway.

It’s you. And it’s me.

But more of that later…

I buried two sunflower seeds in bad soil. Sunflowers never grow for me. Some days there’s too much heat – it dries out my sandy soil. Other times it doesn’t rain and I don’t feel well enough to water. Then there are the rabbits, always fun to watch as they nibble and play at dawn and dusk. This year, though, they are ripping through everything, decimating many plants.

Plastic pots protected my seedlings. I cut out the bottoms to create protective rings. One morning, Sunflower Number One was gone, it’s top eaten off. It has not recovered. It remains a stunted green stem.

Cabbage moths circle. Slugs seek fresh salad greens. What haven’t we seen in our backyard this spring? A fox, six skunks (living under the shed), a shocking quantity of rabbits… chipmunks, squirrels…

In spite of all the odds stacked against Sunflower Number Two, it holds on.

Like you and me.

Thriving in spite of adversity. Some of our trouble has been around a long time. Some is new. It can be overwhelming. Soul-crushing. Depressing.

I know.

Hold on. Don’t give up. A season of blooming will come.

Wait for it.

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