Let’s pretend you’re at my place and we can sink, together, onto the old but comfy couch for a whirlwind visit.

How has your week been?

Mine has been up and down.

I got to visit my sister – we talked and shopped and ate out and it was nice. Some days were rough due to my lousy heart, and other days were tough because those I love struggled through them.

A bit of painting kept things fun.

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I made Persian sweet rice on a whim. There’s nothing nicer than expecting a dish to be so-so and finding out that you’d be happy eating it at every meal until it’s all done. Find the recipe at the end.

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Through it all, the good and the bad, I kept stumbling onto interesting things. Things I’d like to share with you. Since we’re chatting.

Marian B wrote a lovely blogpost about graceful aging. In case you don’t hop over to read the whole thing, here are two highlights.

First… this anonymous quote: I really don’t mind getting older…but my body is taking it badly. Ha ha. Exactly!

Second, and oh so sweet… a youtube video of Mavis, still perky and thankful at 94. Thanks for sharing your friend, Mavis, with us, Marian.

During one long hard night, I listened to my crisis playlist and came across a song I’d forgotten. Maybe it will mean as much to you as it did me.

What You Could Do With Me by Josh Wright

I don’t have to be the strongest.

‘Cuz you are perfect in my weakness.

If You can move a mountain with faith like a grain of mustard seed

I wonder what You could do with me.

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Holly’s Adapted Persian Sweet Rice

Wash, soak and cook brown rice, spicing the water with salt and saffron.

The next day, fry chopped onion, shredded carrot and currents in some oil. Add a tablespoon of butter when the onions soften, as well as a dollop of honey (I added about a tablespoon). Add some cinnamon, ground cardamon and salt – about half a teaspoon of each, or to taste. Toss this fried mixture into your rice along with some toasted walnuts or pistachios.



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