We all have questions.

Why is God so silent?

Why did He allow this?

On a day when many miss their mothers, lament a relationship with their moms that was less than ideal, or wonder why they weren’t given the chance to love and raise children of their own, here are some songs to touch raw places where we ask hard questions.

If you’re living with pain, disappointment or doubt, I encourage you to listen to each song when you have some quiet moments alone; if the style of music isn’t your thing, look past the genre and let the lyrics touch you.

“We do the best we can, and we hold to what we know and we don’t stop asking all the questions burning in our souls… and when we reach the end of days and we see beyond our faith…. when the curtain parts, then with certain hearts we’ll know… the answers.”

From God to you: “I’m going to satisfy… everything in the meantime…”

And finally, let’s rest here – let’s give Him our hearts and walk with Him in spite of the questions.

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