I felt stronger when I was younger. Struggle was less constant.

Some people say our worst moments – our bad days – prove that there is no God, or at least that He does not care and cannot be good.

It’s a natural response to suffering, I think – questioning His existence and character.

But maybe bad days do more than make us doubt. Maybe they expose our need and remind us that we are not self sufficient. We need God and we need one another.

Although I don’t like pain and I hate the hardest parts of my life, I am thankful that struggling keeps me humble and grateful for those around me.

When good day follows good day, sometimes I slip back into an old mindset, sure that I can handle anything, inclined to adopt a fiercely independent (and often selfish) attitude. Then a bad day flattens me. I am propelled back into the arms of the One who made me. Weak. Needy. Humbled.

A vague awareness of all this lies under everything; it’s with me every day. This is why, when I heard the song below, something clicked. The lyrics may seem off at first – wrong – but, in fact, they are the opposite; they are exactly right.

God is Good – Listen to this one; it inspired this post.

And one more song to lift your spirit, remind you that all is well and that we’re almost Home: Still I Will Praise

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