Landscape silhouette and sunset

With tugs and twists of grey yarn, I fashion a heel for my knitted sock, whiling away the time that, some days, feels endless.

I miss seeing others face to face. Although I know I should be anxious for nothing, I struggle. Some days it’s overwhelming to have so little control over an uncertain tomorrow.

My mind runs through endless possibilities.

Does yours?

The welcome blankness of thoughts that count out slips and purls and nothing more – is interrupted.

Someone has turned on music. Loud. Sweeping. Moving. Four-part harmony fills the silent house. I set my knitting down. Lift my eyes to the pines framing a blue sky outside. The beauty burns a message into my soul:

God is real. He is here. He knows. He cares. He sees all. We are safe in His hands.

Some days I need a taste of beauty more than anything else. It lifts me above the mundane, reminds me of forgotten truths, stirs and restores my spirit.

“Beauty has a way of totally capturing our senses, making us forget… For a few brief shining moments nothing else seems to matter. The wonderful thing about beauty is that we can store it in our mind to be played over and over again.” – Luci Swindoll, You Bring the Confetti

Four-part Harmony Fills the Silent House…

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