Leche asada

Subtle flavour and gentle sweetness are sensory pleasures I discovered later in life.

My husband and I stumbled, together, across an obscure Japanese bakery in Markham, years ago, and the lightness of a strawberry shortcake we found there is with us still.

Later, I tried, for the first time, an array of Peruvian treats: alfajores, turron, picarones, arroz con leche…. Either Peruvians know the trick of creating the perfect dessert, or eating something sumptuous with someone you adore colours the experience, making the most prosaic of tastes special.

Leche asada is as common in Peru as ice cream is here. Literally translated it means baked milk, and in attempts to make it I once inadvertently left out the milk and, more recently, used so many eggs that my leche asada came out evocative of a sweet quiche.

Last night’s attempt wasn’t bad, but I think I can do better. Next time fewer eggs!

A recipe for those who want to try: https://www.limaeasy.com/peruvian-food-guide/typical-desserts/leche-asada

Photo credit: My daughter – thank you!

Holly Dickson-Ramos is a freelance writer living in Ontario, Canada. She has published articles in Faces, Upper Room Daily Devotional Guide, Country Woman, Momsense, Purpose Magazine and Teaching Librarian. Calling Out: Prayers for those in Isolation is her first book.

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