Are you waiting for spring? It’s raining today, where I am – a beautiful change from snow, snow and more snow. Join me in attending a free (online) gardening workshop on Saturday, March 25th. I come across a lot of programs in my work at a municipal library, but this one I can’t pass up. All are welcome – a library card is not required!

Take a peek at the website for Carrick seeds, and you’ll notice how passionate, knowledgeable and unusual the information is. Staple crops. Easy to grow and store? Really?

I know some of you come from farming families, but still. Who knew that millet, so healthy and yucky sounding, packs in so much nutrition and tastes wonderful when cooked in a kheer? Or – surprise – that amaranth will rise as tall as corn, offering the possibility of an edible, purple backdrop to the ornamental grasses that sit behind my garden bench?

Theo of Carrick Seeds is someone I can learn from! Maybe you can, too.

At the moment, my garden looks like this:

[foogallery id=”2614″]


This week, though, I’ll start my seedlings. Saturday, I’ll attend the online library workshop (link above). In April bulbs will start popping. And in May… we’re off and running!

The winter is almost over.

Spring is less than a week away.

[foogallery id=”2618″]


To me, this looks like heaven. 🙂


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