Although practical challenges are tough – fixing something that is broken, tidying something that’s a mess, walking a long distance –  I think, for all of us, mental and emotional challenges are tougher.

You know what I mean.

All of us deal with fear, anger, pride, resentment, unfulfilled longing, rejection… bad experiences can leave us with a range of negative emotions and stressful thoughts.

Controlling our response to less than ideal circumstances is really important; how we handle thoughts matters.

Recently I came across a prayer for release from the trauma of negative emotions. I found it meaningful – a prayer I can pray for myself or for those close to me. Here is an adapted version.

God, help me take control of my mind and emotions. Enable me to take every thought captive and to have the discernment to know the difference between Your truth and lies that come from dark places.

When the enemy torments my mind with negative thoughts and emotions, enable me to resist. Help me to choose the love, power and sound mind You have given me. Set me free from all confusion and bring clarity of mind.

Dissolve all arrogance and bring humility. Take away rebellion and bring repentance. Remove all anxiety and bring peace. Give me faith to replace all doubt. Bring Your joy where there is sadness or depression. Give me confidence in You to replace insecurity within myself. Give me peace, patience and forgiveness to replace all anger. Give me Your love to dissolve all fear. Give me Your presence to erase all loneliness.

I pray that You would give me wisdom about what I allow into my mind. Give me great discernment so that the lines between good and bad are clear. Convict me when I cross the line and grieve my spirit the way it grieves Yours.

Heal wounds from moments when I have been ridiculed, humiliated, or made to feel like less than what You made me to be. Keep me from being imprisoned or hindered by bad memories.

Help me to remember all of the good things You have done in my life.

When I struggle with my mind or my emotions, extend to me Your peace.


God hears us when we speak to Him. He rescues us when we ask Him to. I encourage you to pray this prayer out loud. Don’t give up in praying for your own well being or the well being of a loved one… persist until you see a breakthrough!

This prayer was adapted from pages 206-209 in the book The Power of Praying for Your Adult Child by Stormie Omartian.

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