You Are The Heroine

When I was young, I felt like the heroine of every story I read. Now, older, disabled, living a life of routine, the distance between me and her seems wider. In a book I just finished, the heroine stole my heart and healed it a bit, too. I loved that […]

Going After The Pearl

Are you easily distracted? I am. One moment my gaze is fixed on The Goal and the next my head is swimming with paintings I want to create, clothing I’d like to wear, groceries I want to buy, relationships that need sorting out. Is there a Goal for this life […]

In Need

This broken moment. How did I end up here, like this? Where are YOU right now? What are the conversations and feelings and actions and reactions that brought you to where you are right now? There are tear stains on my face and I am tired. Usually I bounce through […]

When Your World Falls Apart

What do you do when the world crashes down, horribly and unfairly, around you? Ginny Owens asks this question in her book Singing in the Dark. She notes: Instead of giving our pain over to God, we shut out the noise of what is wrong and broken. We turn to […]


Last night I visited the hospital. A nurse, efficient and distant, prepped me. Those cardiac sensations – so familiar and dreaded – shook my insides. I’d been to this clinic before; the insertion of an IV and heart monitor was standard. This was the first time, though, that they would […]

The Farthest Reaches

“Do you feel the weight of your darkness – mean thoughts, unmentionable desires, things you’ve done that you pray no one discovers? Do you keep trying to do things differently and keep tripping up?” Ginny Owens asks these questions in her devotional Singing in the Dark. Ginny is blind and […]

Time to Bloom

Remember this?   The sunflower, that, in spite of an environment filled with threats, thrived? This flower, at first fragile and threatened, became thick and tough and made it through.   That yellow beauty is you. And it’s me. Weathered and scarred (if you look closely.) But strong.    


I’m bored.  Are you? I used to think that those who are bored are spoiled. Way too much free time and unused energy. Africans who wash clothes by hand and Latin Americans who sell trinkets on the streets cannot be bored because fighting to survive is a daily, hourly thing […]

Power in the Plod

Are you chronically bored with life? Does the sameness of your days leave you feeling like you’ve missed your calling, lost your ambition or fallen off of the Life Is Fun ride? I remember a time when I tried out basketball and belly dancing. New friends populated my world. Some […]

Against All Odds

Against all odds, something beautiful is underway. It’s you. And it’s me. But more of that later… I buried two sunflower seeds in bad soil. Sunflowers never grow for me. Some days there’s too much heat – it dries out my sandy soil. Other times it doesn’t rain and I […]