When Your City Goes Red Make Ravioli

Today my city goes red. In Ontario, regions are colour-coded according to Covid cases and restrictions that are in effect. Because of my underlying condition, we’re living as though we’re in lock-down anyway, but I find it depressing to know that my community is once again moving in the wrong […]

Pandemic Panettone

Traditionally seasoned turkey with canned cranberry, stuffing and mashed potatoes rouses in me wonderful childhood memories of Christmases spent north of Toronto, with my aunt and uncle, in a snow-draped landscape – towering pines everywhere, a real fire burning day and night, chocolate initials in our stockings. Magic. But my […]

Leche asada

Better Than Ice Cream

Subtle flavour and gentle sweetness are sensory pleasures I discovered later in life. My husband and I stumbled, together, across an obscure Japanese bakery in Markham, years ago, and the lightness of a strawberry shortcake we found there is with us still. Later, I tried, for the first time, an […]

A plate of powdered donuts

Homemade Doughnuts

When my grandmother passed away I unearthed, in her garage, a large envelope stuffed full and carefully labelled: Recipes Collected For Years. In it I discovered a gold mine: booklets from the ’50s with tips on how to bake prize-winning cookies, a school-issued curriculum for young ladies, Tested Recipes, published […]

Yuka Rellena

Holly’s Yuca Rellena

I tried, once before, to reproduce the golden deliciousness of stuffed yuca as I remembered it from Peru. But I failed. Just boiling and frying yuca acceptably seemed beyond my capabilities. Still, what better season will there ever be for trying new things at home? Step One: Have someone else […]


A Memory From Peru

How many times have I passed over yucas in the grocery store, selecting, instead, the more familiar Yukon Gold potato for mash, fries and soups? My first taste of yuca, also called cassava root, was in Peru. Stuffed yuca, served to us hot and golden in a relative’s home, was […]

Sourdough bread cooling

Sour Dough Bread

Traditional yeast has been hard to find since COVID-19 hit, so I’ve been using instant… still good, but sometimes I long for a different kind of loaf. Like sour dough. On Day One I mixed a cup of whole wheat flour with half a cup of water and left it […]