What does this mean to you, in your life? We’re moving into a new season soon. If you were to lift your hands in worship, singing with me Darkness, Your Hour Is Over, what would flash through your mind?

Everything changes for me in the next few weeks. Well… not everything, but have you noticed that one major change to work or home or family or health can make it seem like you’re waking up each day to a new world?

Seasons in life can be so different from each other. Childhood. Teen years. Before a certain event. After that disaster. When I lived in that place. When I worked for them. Before I started doing this. Once I discovered that. When I still… I could go on.

When COVID hit, I was sent home to work all my shifts from our basement office. You know how that is, because you went through COVID too. For three and a half years, I’ve attended meetings, taken calls and answered emails from a little, quiet room at home. And now that changes. I’ve finally been recalled to in person work. At first I was shocked and scared. Then, increasingly, delighted.

Darkness, your hour is over.

One other change is in the works. For more than a decade, any kind of routine exercise has been beyond my reach. I get antsy. Restless. Wiggly. But I can’t work it out of my system, because if I get active, it affects my heart. Badly. Two weeks ago a few things happened that kick-started something new for me: gentle, exhausting, regular exercise of the very best kind (swimming). I love it. I feel the stirring of a kind of hope that’s been gone a long time.

Darkness, your hour is over.

There are challenges, of course. Some difficulties and sad things will carry over into the fall. Still, as I move into this next season, I’m thankful for the good. The new.

What’s good in your life?

What’s the old good, and what’s the new good?

Can you start something new, or leave something behind, something significant enough that the change allows you to say with me…

Darkness, your hour is over!

Here is the song that inspired this post:

… and one more song, because you know how much I love to share new discoveries with you.

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