The things others don’t know

Have you ever glanced around at a social gathering and noticed how easy it all seems for everyone else? The light chatter? The casual bite of cake? Sometimes I people-gaze from the window of our car, envying the jogger who runs with ease, the elderly home owner who prunes a […]

My Favourite Things

Do you have a stash of treasures? Trinkets from childhood, fabric scraps from special outfits… precious, tangible reminders of a moment or a person you don’t want to forget? I do, and today I want to share a few with you.   I can hear your thoughts. You’re right. It’s […]

Consider the Tulips

Jesus seems far away, sometimes. Heaven is like my yellow tulips: hidden. Winter lasts forever in Canada. It gets dreary. Eventually I reach a point where faith kicks in – a logical commitment to that which I know is true. One day, I know, when I open my bedroom window, […]

God’s Reality

Here’s how it works: Lay an onion thin sheet of tracing paper over the image you want to copy, use the tip of a pencil to capture the most important lines, and… watch as a replica emerges. Ooops! You’ve let the paper slip off its mark and now that beautiful […]

The Summons

There was a time in my life when tomorrow tingled with possibility. Have you seen the way children wake up? Alive with energy and expectation. That was me. High expectations. All it took, really, was a toad on a tree or a sparkling stone, to make a moment great. Life […]

Hoarding Citrus

My husband always shares his oranges with me. It’s amazing. Once or twice a year – if we’re lucky – we can get our hands on juicy, fragrant fruit, shipped from the USA. I buy just a few oranges at a time because I’m shopping on a budget and good, […]

Painting Bears (and other things…)

When your pain gets bad, or you’re on the verge of a panic attack – when the tide of your day shifts from normal to nasty, what do you do? There are spiritual disciplines, of course, that we could talk about. I can bring to mind the things I know […]

World In Crisis

What’s your prayer for the Ukraine? How about for Russians who object to what their leader is doing? Have you been praying about the pandemic, or the Canadian trucker convoy, or other world events? What do you say, when you pray? What images fill your mind? Do you feel hopeful […]

Broken and Open

Last night was difficult. Do you have those nights? You’re supposed to be sleeping, and you kind of are, but each time you wake, instead of rolling into warm sheets and falling back into dreams, you catalogue the scary indicators that suggest there’s trouble ahead. For me these are hard-to-describe […]

The Real Me

There are beautiful, perfect people and there are flawed specimens of humanity. That’s okay. Don’t try to soften the blow – I know which group I belong to. How about you? I’m guessing you’re in group B too, and I’m glad – you and me can stick together. When I […]