Painting Bears (and other things…)

When your pain gets bad, or you’re on the verge of a panic attack – when the tide of your day shifts from normal to nasty, what do you do? There are spiritual disciplines, of course, that we could talk about. I can bring to mind the things I know […]

World In Crisis

What’s your prayer for the Ukraine? How about for Russians who object to what their leader is doing? Have you been praying about the pandemic, or the Canadian trucker convoy, or other world events? What do you say, when you pray? What images fill your mind? Do you feel hopeful […]

Broken and Open

Last night was difficult. Do you have those nights? You’re supposed to be sleeping, and you kind of are, but each time you wake, instead of rolling into warm sheets and falling back into dreams, you catalogue the scary indicators that suggest there’s trouble ahead. For me these are hard-to-describe […]

The Real Me

There are beautiful, perfect people and there are flawed specimens of humanity. That’s okay. Don’t try to soften the blow – I know which group I belong to. How about you? I’m guessing you’re in group B too, and I’m glad – you and me can stick together. When I […]

In The Sweet By And By

Heaven. What does the word mean to you? When I was five, colourful jungle gyms and sweets were my idea of eternal bliss. Since then, I’ve heard heaven described as a place of hope, with talk about fruit trees and rivers, thrones and light. In spite of scriptural promises, I’ve […]

Bad Days

I felt stronger when I was younger. Struggle was less constant. Some people say our worst moments – our bad days – prove that there is no God, or at least that He does not care and cannot be good. It’s a natural response to suffering, I think – questioning […]

Wrapped in Grace

Has God abandoned those who suffer pain, who experience abuse, or who don’t have adequate shelter or enough to eat? Are His favourites those with perfect-looking lives? Does God’s grace look like plenty, emotional wellness and physical health? I don’t think so. Blogger Christine Eberle recently posted a reflection on […]

My Secret

I am not disabled. My gait is slow, and my breathing can be heavy. Before deciding to park and enter a store I may deliberate a bit (if I get a spot right by the entrance, it’ll half the distance and I might just manage it…) And I admit that […]


There are borders to your heart. Access is limited. The same is true for mine. And although I carefully guard admission to my own heart, I long for an open invitation to yours. To someone’s. Do you? The invitation we’re longing for – the unlimited access and unfailing love we […]


The allure of what I don’t have, and a restless drive to be somewhere other than here compel me to shop when I shouldn’t. I could go there and buy that. The idea sparkles in my mind. A warm pair of socks that won’t slip down in my boots as […]