Silhouette of woman standing alone in a field at sunrise


A world in quarantine changed us all, I think, in big and small ways. We’ve heard about wild life returning, the clearing of the skies, people singing on balconies. Personally, I find it hard to articulate the subtle changes I sense in myself after months of forced seclusion. Stopping for […]

A sunlit garden with iris flowers in the foreground


This morning my garden looked beautiful – full of promise. Japanese irises, discovered at a community plant sale last spring, unfurled in a show of purple. I bought five clusters, but only two have rooted deeply enough to bloom this summer. Roots: living things that must push hard in a […]

Landscape silhouette and sunset


With tugs and twists of grey yarn, I fashion a heel for my knitted sock, whiling away the time that, some days, feels endless. I miss seeing others face to face. Although I know I should be anxious for nothing, I struggle. Some days it’s overwhelming to have so little […]

A lighthouse over calm water at sunrise

Devotional for those in Isolation

When COVID-19 hit, I grabbed a devotional book I often turn to in times of trouble, but noticed right away that it wasn’t relevant for this unique time, since it assumed readers were going “out into the world” each day. So, I began writing prayers for my own use and […]