Yuka Rellena

I tried, once before, to reproduce the golden deliciousness of stuffed yuca as I remembered it from Peru.

But I failed.

Just boiling and frying yuca acceptably seemed beyond my capabilities. Still, what better season will there ever be for trying new things at home?

Step One: Have someone else peel the yuca while you sliver an onion and mix salt, pepper and lime juice into a marinade (for the onion).

Step Two: Cut the yuca into chunks and boil it. While waiting for the yuca to soften (all the way through), prep some filling. I chose onions, peppers and ground beef fried with spices and mixed with feta, diced olives and chopped, boiled egg.

Step Three: Mash the yuca (add salt, if desired), then shape it, stuff it and dip it in egg and flour.

Step Four: Fry, serve and eat!

For more detailed instructions go here. If you don’t speak Spanish, it’s worth cutting and pasting the recipe into Google Translate in order to make use of an authentic recipe.

Photo credit: My daughter – thank you!

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