Laced with tiny holes and not, perhaps, the most beautiful cabbage you’ve ever laid eyes on, but here it is. I am so delighted! In past years I’ve had some success with carrots, zucchinis and cherry tomatoes, but could I really coax a seed to germinate, and then baby it a while, transplant it and grow something like an eggplant, cabbage or cauliflower? This year I was determined to try.

My zucchini, as always, is producing well. Just one plant has offered us six zucchinis (so far) and, with a few more plants soon to reach maturity, I’m going to need some suggestions (maybe from you?) about what we can do other than frying it, adding a little salt and oil to thin strips (for a salad) or cutting it into tiny squares for future soups.

On the topic of eggplant. Am I missing something? I grew these from seed. They took a while to adjust, once planted outside – for days they looked pale and wimpy, but after about a month they thickened and began throwing out blossoms… which… I presume… are supposed to turn into fruit. If all the other plants are producing fruit from flowers, why aren’t these ones? What is wrong with my eggplant flowers?

But back to the plants I feel most proud of: my cabbages. One cabbage makes a LOT of coleslaw, which quickly becomes boring if made the same way every time. Can you help me? In the comments below or by e-mailing, will you share with me your favourite coleslaw recipe?



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