Do you dream about an ideal version of yourself? The person you hope to be ten years from now? I do. Today I am less assertive, less selfless and more materialistic than I’d like to be. Ideal Me exists in my mind… but how do I get from This Me to That Me?

Have you read the Biblical history of Saul? He’s a young man who seems nervous about being selected as Israel’s first royal. Just prior to his debut as King Saul, he feels antsy and hides among the baggage brought by crowds waiting to see their new king (1 Sam 10). I think this suggests a person who is humble. Or perhaps fearful. Or both.

Five chapters and quite a few years later, Saul seems conflicted at best, and downright evil at worst. He’s clawing at power, desperate to hold on to his position.

How did this happen?

Surrendering control happens one moment, one decision at a time. I would suggest that today you and I are both becoming the women we will someday be. Moment by moment. We’re either yielding to God or resisting Him. Small steps are taking us in a direction.

What direction are you headed in?

I know where I want to be going. Often I think I’ll get started with that tomorrow. Or later today. But not right now.

That’s a mistake.

I need to train my heart today so that this moment, the one I’m in right now, as I type out this blog post, finds me shifting my position – ever so slightly – in the direction of the Future Me I want to be.

What about you? What decisions do you face right now? What does Future You look like? Make sure that this moment… and the next one, inch you a little bit closer to the person you know God can slowly make you into. Ideal You.

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