I always feel a little lost at Christmas.

“Christmas!” You say, “The kids just went back to school! Mothers everywhere are weeping over their empty nests [me included]… Why are you bringing up Christmas?”

Well, I’m thinking ahead. Did you know that Advent begins in November? That’s only two months from now. Do you eyeball chocolate Advent calendars like I do, tempted to buy one… to count down the days until the Big Day arrives? Do you watch people light candles on the advent wreath at church and wish, like I do, that it meant more to you? That you felt… something… more strongly?

Am I alone in this?

Movies portray the season with twinkling lights and nostalgic music. Snow falls, stirring romantic feelings in me; stores put up decorations as soon as Halloween’s over, and I like all this, but I know Christmas is supposed to be about God sending Jesus to us. I wish I knew how to stir up a sense of awareness and expectation about Jesus, the reason for the season. I’d like my spiritual feelings and activities during pre-December days to rival the warmth and glow I feel about not-spiritual things like sneaking candy canes and decorating the mantle above our fireplace.

Well. It’s finally here. Help with this lifelong problem.

Something that marries ancient wisdom with modern application. A book of daily Advent readings that doesn’t bore me to death or try to make me excited about things I don’t care about. How has this author managed to write the book I’ve been waiting for my whole life? I don’t know, but I can’t keep it to myself.

Order a copy today. Come November, you will not regret it. I promise. While you’re at it, send one to a friend – someone who struggles at Christmas.

Here’s a link: Advent: Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room



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