I am broken.

All of my loved ones are broken.

Sometimes I trace backwards through history, finding people and events to blame for the brokenness.

Sometimes I blame myself. There. That. If I’d chosen differently, life would not be like this. If I’d been kinder. Wiser. More observant. If I’d only listened instead of being so headstrong.

Today, I found a new song that jolted me with a realization as it played:

The world is broken.

It’s not you. It’s not me. It’s not our parents. Or our peers. I mean – YES, we are broken. And we can trace through our histories, pinpointing moments where it all went sideways… but, we live in a broken world. Our connection with the Creator has been severed. Creation groans for healing.

I just watched the movie Jesus Revolution. It dramatizes a historical spiritual awakening among young people in the late ‘60s and ‘70s. The film shows the brokenness of our world and depicts a whole generation of young people running from bad situations – desperately searching. Longing for truth. Someone says:

They are asking all the right questions…

in all the wrong places.

So true.

There is hope in the darkest of moments.


A Father, with arms always open.

We are going to keep struggling with life here in this broken world, but not alone. Not without the promise of Something Better just around the corner.

When I struggle – like… really struggle, with things that cannot be resolved, knowing that there is an end to life in this broken world brings comfort.

It’s not you. And it’s not me.

This world.

Sometimes beautiful.

Always broken.

But not without hope.

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