Homemade frozen yogurt, canned tomato sauce, bagels and burgers were born in our kitchen this morning. In Canada, Labour Day marks the final day of the last weekend before school starts. Soon the fall routine will begin.

A half bushel of beautiful tomatoes sat in our car, sent home with us after a visit with friends; I decided to can tomato sauce while my daughter focused on other yummy tasks.

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Those gorgeous tomatoes smelled like something I wanted to eat, and they boiled down nicely. The reward for a morning of washing, coring, chopping and boiling was a row of jolly looking jars. So satisfying.

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We agreed, back in the spring, that if another semester of university ended up being online, we’d invest in an ice cream maker… experimenting in the kitchen has kept us sane and provided us with hours of entertainment during Covid. While I made tomato sauce, my daughter made frozen yogurt with one part cream, three parts Greek yogurt, homemade strawberry preserves, sugar and sea salt.

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For those who want to see the ice cream maker in action, here’s a video. I recommend muting the sound.

And… since we were in the kitchen anyway, we thought we’d make a quick batch of burgers (no photos, sorry…) and, finally… bagels. A productive morning!

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