Do you shy away from situations that scare you? Try to keep life tidy to stay safe? Doubt that a mess has anything to offer?

Recently an old friend sent me a card in the mail. At first glance, it seemed garish and ugly to me, but then I looked closer and read the text and I changed my mind. I love it.

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The mess is where the magic is.

What does that suggest to you, in your life? Where is your mess? Could you could find magic there?

To me, this means:

  • When I shy away from something potentially good because my fears are loud, I should remember that gentle risks are a doorway to a deeper, more meaningful life.
  • When my thoughts tell me there is no hope and despair reminds me that a situation is totally out of my control, I should do what I can, while surrendering the situation to God. If it’s in His hands, there will be magic in the mess… sooner or later.

What about you? Where do you need some magic? Not hokus pokus magic. Beauty. Hope. Joy. That kind of magic.

Embrace gentle risks. Surrender your fears to God. Find the magic in the mess.

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