I cannot see far.

It’s scary.

I feel alone.

Me and my heart. Symptoms raging inside. My spirit reaches out – out – beyond this room. Are You there?

Are You here?

Can You see me? Can You find me in this darkness?

That is my midnight.

What is yours?

I was captivated by the lyrics of a song I heard this week. One word caught me: Midnight.

Not 0000 hours. An emotional place that we visit and sometimes get stuck in.

Some of us feel as though it’s always midnight and dawn has been delayed indefinitely.

That is a hard place to be.

I like the reassurance that God will not wait for sunrise. He moves at midnight. He moves into my midnight. He finds me there. It’s dark and quiet and it seems like I’m alone, but I’m not. He is there with me.

Even better, I liked the part about me. What I will do at midnight.

I will worship.


I will worship in that place that is midnight.

Until sunrise.

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Note: This is the song that inspired this post.


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