I feel a sense of desperate panic as Christmas approaches and my body struggles to bounce back from a few bad days. Christmas is supposed to be perfect. No one should feel sick, sad or isolated.

Do you know the story of Peter Pan? Have you seen Tinker Bell’s light flicker? Some days I feel like that. Do you? For those of us who, for whatever reason, are working really hard to keep our lights on this year, here is a passage from my favourite advent devotional:

How will you make it through winter? Through a difficult season of life? Through to the end? You can and will make it through by holding fast to the one who can illuminate the path for you. In this light, you can look backwards and see that his goodness and love have been pursuing you all the way. In this light, you can know that you are not alone. In this light, you can find purpose and joy in helping others along the road. And in this light, one day, the darkness — whatever form your particular darkness takes — will be forever banished.


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