I have a problem. Worried about those I love, I often strategize ways to make everything in their lives (and my own) turn out well. If I identify potential pitfalls, prevent mistakes and generally arrange matters in life, I can shape the future. My happiness (and theirs) is safe with me. I’ve got this.

Or do I?

Have you noticed that in the process of chasing the security, peace and joy you want for your Happy Ending, you sometimes make everyone around you miserable and heighten your own anxiety?

I have.

What do you fear losing control over?

Have you noticed that sometimes trying to control others, or your environment, actually leads to a loss of control over the one thing you should be able to control:  yourself?

I came across a great book called Control Girl by Shannon Popkin and reading it is helping me to surrender this burden of control to God. I say that I believe God cares and that He is in control, but sometimes my actions and feelings suggest otherwise.

I’m trying to build a bridge from a place of doubt (fear about the future and anxiety over the well being of my loved ones) to a place of peace. How? By thinking deeply about God’s promises and character. By remembering ways He has rescued me and cared for me in the past. By disciplining myself to read His word, even if only for a minute or two each day. By speaking truth out loud. By praying about things that worry me instead of stewing about them.

What will help you to stop seeking peace through control? God invites you to surrender this burden of control to Him, recognizing His greater purposes and His goodness, even when it’s hard.

Here are three songs to get us all started. Remove distractions, turn the volume up and allow the message and the music to soothe your soul.

Holding My World

Trust in You

Safe in Your Arms


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