It’s quiet.

Yesterday, in church, we read scripture about Jesus’ last moments. He was tried and treated badly. Killed. A few weeks ago a priest said, “This is what it looks like for God to be human,” and he splayed his fingers and spread his arms. A painful death, he said. And humiliating.

A good reminder of our calling. It’s not to personal comfort. It’s to laying down our lives – every aspect of our lives – for God, by loving and serving others. Giving it all up. Again and again.

Today, in my thoughts, Jesus is in the grave. It’s quiet.


2 Thoughts on “Quiet (He is in the Grave)”

  • Holly – I just read “Quiet” & listened to the beautiful song. Jesus has so much to teach us. Can I truly forgive those who have hurt me? In Jesus, I can. I love your writing & your ❤️.

    • Thanks, Ruthanne. I was wondering if I should take the post down, since Good Friday is over… so… reading your comment makes me glad I didn’t!

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