Have you ever felt unseen, unwanted and unloved? 

I’m learning a lot about control these days and one aspect of control that’s new to me is the idea of defensive control. Feelings like the ones I just mentioned often spring from how others treat us, and these feelings cause pain. So we lash out. Defensively. To take control, and prevent pain. 

No one is going to hurt me like that again. I will not feel worthless. You will not have a chance to harm me. 

Defensive control. 

This morning I read a devotional chapter about Leah, a woman in the Bible who wasn’t attractive and wasn’t wanted. She felt unseen, unwanted and unloved. Then comes this beautiful verse, “The Eternal One saw how Leah was unloved.” (Gen 29:31)

No matter how invisible you feel, you are not invisible to God. (Control Girl, 130) 

Your feelings are noticed and known by God. He sees you. He has always seen you. 

We, so often, are disappointed by others. People fail to notice us the way we want to be noticed. It’s easy to spend our lives seeking that attention, trying to make others see us correctly. 

Let God be the One who sees you and validates your worth. Give Him control by turning over the darkest, loneliest moments of your life to Him, knowing He was there. He saw you. He sees you now.

You are precious in My sight,

… you are honored and I love you.

Isa 43:4

Take some time to watch this video and to listen to the song. Internalize the message: God sees you. You are wanted. You are loved.

Song: The God Who Sees

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