My house brings me a lot of joy. The glow, crackle and warmth of real fires were a great feature until an inspector shut us down. I like gardening, and this house has a big property – I have lots of room to play with plants and vegetables. More gardens means less grass to mow and this makes my long suffering husband happy. On chilly autumn evenings, when the heat kicks in, I catch a whiff of something that stirs vague childhood memories. My aunt and uncle used to own this house and I spent every childhood Christmas here.

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Yes, the house brings joy and comfort.

But also stress and angst. There’s the mortgage, of course. And the curling shingles which, miraculously, have not yet allowed rain to stream through the roof. Our 1970s windows are VERY drafty. There was a time when the sewage backed up because our septic bed needed to be changed. I could go on.

People are an even stronger example of joy and pain in life. Have you noticed? Our loved ones make our lives richer. We love them. Delight in their successes. Enjoy their company. Find in them shared history – memory of things we’ve forgotten. Understanding of things we can’t figure out alone.

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When they suffer, though, we do too.

And, inevitably, they annoy or frustrate or disappoint us. This hurts.

I wouldn’t want to live life without them, though.

If I sat here and picked all of the thorns out of my life, I think when I got through my hands would be empty. Blessings are like roses – vibrant and fragrant and fragile and thorny. If I avoid or remove all thorns, I strip my life of too much.

Thanksgiving isn’t about celebrating a perfect life while eating a fabulous meal with amazing people.

My Hallmark moments this weekend will include: boring food because of the digestive issues we’re struggling with, the physical challenge of driving when I’m tired and edgy moments when family interactions unfold in ways that make me nervous. But, boy, am I thankful.

This year the Erin Fall Fair is open once again after a pandemic interruption of two years… amazing!

A sister has invited everyone over in spite of her fatigue and busy schedule – something worth celebrating!

I have parents I adore. An aunt I’m super fond of. A little sister whose home feels better than the best B & B.

Canada is a country with free health care. What a blessing.

Leaves here are turning brilliant red and orange and they do this every year. We are so blessed!

Have I mentioned my sweet husband and wonderful daughter?





What are you thankful for?

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