Where is heaven?

Someone asked me this last week. I had no answer, but he did.

With ease he traced mentions of heaven through the scriptures, and after twenty minutes, I was convinced. Heaven is God’s space. It’s not north or south. It’s not a geographical location we can navigate to. It’s more like another dimension than another place.

We see Adam and Eve walking with God in the garden of Eden. With God. We are all meant to do that. See Him. Be in His presence.

Big Rupture. We know what happened in the garden. No more walking side by side with our God in the backyard.

A tabernacle, used by Israel, housed God’s presence here on earth for a while. It was portable. Later, they made a solid building – a temple. The middle part of it was called the Holy of Holies, where the presence of God met directly with priests.

Then Jesus came, and the word used in the gospel of John to describe His presence here was tabernacle. He tabernacled among us. I like the continuity of that. I like that God keeps finding ways to be with us.

I like that the veil in the temple, separating us from Him, tore down the middle when Jesus died.

I also like that although right now we walk by faith, it’s not our destiny to always walk by faith. We will see Him. We will walk by sight.

So what does all this have to do with thin spots?

My friend said that he thinks heaven is more of a dimension than a geographical location and God has infused our world with thin spots – spots where His space- heaven- overlaps with our physical world. When we pray, or worship, when we seek Him at church or take communion, we find a thin spot. He asserted that God promises, in His word, to meet with us. He promises His presence when we seek Him in certain ways or places. When two or three are gathered… and so on. We have faith that He means it. We routinely seek Him, believing certain kinds of seeking bring us to a place where heaven and earth overlap.

Thin spots.

Including, but not limited to, gathering with other believers to seek Him.

Have you found a thin spot?

Have there been times when it seemed like the curtain obscuring your view of Him, your sense of His nearness, fluttered?

This is what He made you for.

Listen to this song: For us to be apart was never what You wanted

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