Here are a few of my favourite things… just to make you smile today.

I cannot resist a Pekingese. Growing up, we had one as a family pet and later on my parents got another who looked just like this. Looking at those buggy eyes and that protruding tongue makes warm things happen in my middle section!

[foogallery id=”2382″]


When I began painting and selling on Etsy, I made this picture… and guess who purchased it?

My mom did. 🙂

Are you raising a teen? Do you know someone who seems very relaxed about what gets posted online? This made me chuckle…

[foogallery id=”2394″]


Finally, I’d like to share a song with you.

Have you had a tough week, month or year? Maybe even longer…

Every time I hear this song it lifts my heart and makes me smile.

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