I’ve lived with chronic illness for more than ten years now, and during that time have come to realize that for many of us – not just for me – life is complicated.

It seemed to me, when I first got sick, that the loss and pain caused by my condition isolated me from others – my life was now odd, and so was I. But as I reach out to find resources for myself and others who struggle with sickness or ongoing conditions, I realize that I am not alone. You are not alone. There are more of us than you might think. Many people battle illness, or live with loved ones who do.

Recently, I came across Laura Story’s book When God Doesn’t Fix It. Just after getting married, the author’s new husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor, launching them on a lifelong road of managing loss and broken dreams, asking hard questions, and learning to surrender.

As I read Laura’s story, I was struck by her honesty and I noticed that the things she wrestled to release are things many of us hang on to tightly – personal desires relating to work, finances, marriage, children, and health.

Anyone who has ever wondered why God allows pain to touch us or how to move from a place of resentful questioning to one of surrender, trust and gratitude, will appreciate the insights Laura shares in this book.

Blessings by Laura Story

Holly Dickson-Ramos is a freelance writer living in Ontario, Canada. She has published articles in Faces, Upper Room Daily Devotional Guide, Country Woman, Momsense, Purpose Magazine and Teaching Librarian. Calling Out: Prayers for those in Isolation is her first book.

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  • Hello,
    I’m presently cataloguing your book Strong spirit and I just want to confirm that you’re a Canadian author.
    Marnin Ballstadt

  • Sorry another question.
    Where is your book published. I see on Amazon that the publisher is Grace Howard Press.

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