When I was young, I felt like the heroine of every story I read. Now, older, disabled, living a life of routine, the distance between me and her seems wider.

In a book I just finished, the heroine stole my heart and healed it a bit, too. I loved that this Washington DC girl, from an underprivileged neighbourhood, crippled by cerebral palsy, sheltered by family members, gets yanked into a parallel world where everyone thinks she limps from an old injury and respects her as a lady and princess who can do anything she puts her mind to.

They enable her with their faith in her.

Doing things costs her more. What others accomplish with ease she works hard at. Still, the key qualities, I think, in this heroine (and many others) are courage and determination.

You and me have weak parts. Scars and fears. In spite of this, I believe we are capable of living productive, stirring lives. Every moment cannot be epic, but, if we put our minds to it, we can reach out and touch other lives with ours. We can inspire others with our example. We can live out that undervalued characteristic without which the world as we know it would fall apart: faithfulness.

What are you called to today?

What does faithfulness require of you?

No matter what you look like, where you live, or what kind of routine your life follows most days, I believe you have it in you to be the heroine.

Do you doubt it?


We all stumble. Everyone ages. Bodies are fragile. Minds are sensitive.

Weakness is very real, but need not ruin our lives or exempt us from pursuit of the best version of ourselves.

You cannot fool me. I have glimpsed your secret.

You are the heroine.


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