Darkness, Your Hour Is Over

What does this mean to you, in your life? We’re moving into a new season soon. If you were to lift your hands in worship, singing with me Darkness, Your Hour Is Over, what would flash through your mind? Everything changes for me in the next few weeks. Well… not everything, but […]


Storms give trees deeper roots. I was one of many teens introduced to this quote years ago. Our employer knew that the first-days-of-summer enthusiasm we all felt in June would wear off. We’d grow tired. Disillusioned. Bored. Restless. Life would throw unexpected (unwanted) circumstances our way and we would suffer. […]

Multilingual Musings

Have you ever participated in a worship service where visiting missionaries teach the congregation a song in another language, and as voices lift to form foreign sounding words, your soul soars in spite of the language barrier? I’m still making my way through Christine Eberle’s excellent devotional Finding God In […]

Finding God in the Garden

First, some silly stuff, and then a spiritual reflection… They say crows are smart. I didn’t realize they’re also fussy eaters. Each morning I add water to our bird bath, and lately it’s clogged with peanuts.  A crow keeps dropping nuts into the water and coming back, once the nuts […]

Answers for Your Hard Questions

We all have questions. Why is God so silent? Why did He allow this? On a day when many miss their mothers, lament a relationship with their moms that was less than ideal, or wonder why they weren’t given the chance to love and raise children of their own, here […]

Restless & Anxious

Restless: Unable to rest or relax as a result of anxiety or boredom. Anxious: Feeling worry, unease or nervousness. I’m restless, you’re restless, and I’ll bet most people we know feel anxious. Often. Some say this is due to the pandemic – it left us with lingering uncertainty about life. […]

Reaching Out

Do you know someone wrestling with anxious thoughts or depression? Is anyone in your family living with a diagnosis of chronic or terminal illness? Living well long term, when things are tough, means building into life sources of joy, comfort and hope. I routinely ask myself: What can I read […]

Enough – You Don’t Disappoint Me

I am ugly and fat. Moody and selfish. Not feminine enough. Not tough like others. I disappoint me and I surely must disappoint you. Remember the song You Are My All in All – from the ’90s? I sang it many times, back in the day. Hearing it brings back […]

Quiet (He is in the Grave)

It’s quiet. Yesterday, in church, we read scripture about Jesus’ last moments. He was tried and treated badly. Killed. A few weeks ago a priest said, “This is what it looks like for God to be human,” and he splayed his fingers and spread his arms. A painful death, he […]

Rescue Me

I’ve had a hard night. Today, this is my prayer. Maybe its yours too.