At the MacLaren

Last night my husband and I went to a wine and cheese gathering at the MacLaren Arts Centre in Barrie. I’m not one for marketing myself at snobby gatherings, so I was nervous about the event. Twelve artists whose work had been selected by the MP for this year’s local […]

Plein-Air Days

We had a few unseasonably warm days here in Ontario last week. It seemed like shame to spend those days inside, so I took my sketchpad, paints and brushes, and spent a few hours in the grass. About five minutes down the road is a horse farm… well, a boarding […]

Holly’s Studio

Thank you to those of you who have kindly followed my blog over the past few years! With a return to in person work and a rekindling of my childhood interest in art, I’m spending much more time painting than writing these days. Because of this, I’m transitioning this site, […]

My Etsy Shop

Who knew that a Christmas gift from my husband could lead to this? A shop? Me? Making paintings at the kitchen table, then wrapping them with care and mailing them out… out… into the world! So fun. I shared with you, a while back, how much the discovery of painting […]

Painting Bears (and other things…)

When your pain gets bad, or you’re on the verge of a panic attack – when the tide of your day shifts from normal to nasty, what do you do? There are spiritual disciplines, of course, that we could talk about. I can bring to mind the things I know […]