Who knew that a Christmas gift from my husband could lead to this? A shop? Me? Making paintings at the kitchen table, then wrapping them with care and mailing them out… out… into the world! So fun.

I shared with you, a while back, how much the discovery of painting meant to me. There are so few things I can do when my heart isn’t beating right or when I’m exhausted. Those things that I CAN do pass the time, but that’s about it.

Staining paper with colour is FUN. I just love it. And I can do it every day. This is amazing. I am still in shock about it. It’s not just surprising to have discovered a hobby that I enjoy so much and am capable of doing, but just as astounding is the surprise of seeing that some of my paintings are admired and desired by others.

I would just love it if you would take a look at my shop. Tell me if you like something. Commission a pet portrait. Hang a Holly original in your home (but only if you see something you like!)

Here is a link to my Etsy shop.

And here is a link to my Instagram (be patient with me – I really don’t know what I’m doing on Instagram… this social media stuff is very new to me.)