Here are two more gems from Dear God by Bunmi Laditan. You weave my destiny together, and I sit here pulling threads, criticizing colours, weeping over last year’s patches, fretting over tomorrow’s patterns, screaming as we sit too close to the fire. God, please push your loom back, lest I […]

Secret Thoughts

I can’t believe someone wrote a prayer like this but… if I’m honest I’ve thought these things and reading the words in God’s presence felt good. I thought giving voice to secret things might forge a wall between me and Him but it didn’t. It created intimacy. DEAR GOD, I […]

The End of Anxiety

Read the paragraph below and tell me if it sounds familiar… Pain and crisis had taught my brain and my heart to anticipate more pain and crisis, and without even realizing it, my thoughts were rushing away from today, into the future, trying to predict and then eliminate any hurt […]

Quiet (He is in the Grave)

It’s quiet. Yesterday, in church, we read scripture about Jesus’ last moments. He was tried and treated badly. Killed. A few weeks ago a priest said, “This is what it looks like for God to be human,” and he splayed his fingers and spread his arms. A painful death, he […]

These Walls

Thanks for visiting my blog in 2022. As we move into a new year, we will continue to struggle. Don’t give up! Worship when you suffer. Believe even as you ask hard questions. Here’s a song I just found today – written and sung by a young pastor during dark […]

The Story

I want to write a story, I said. A good story, with good people, a tale that winds on pleasant paths, that makes me gasp and smile and breathe a happy sigh at the end. So far, so good. And it only gets better. Keep reading. I found this poem […]

To Make You Smile

Here are a few of my favourite things… just to make you smile today. I cannot resist a Pekingese. Growing up, we had one as a family pet and later on my parents got another who looked just like this. Looking at those buggy eyes and that protruding tongue makes […]

Thankful: The Joy and Angst of It All

My house brings me a lot of joy. The glow, crackle and warmth of real fires were a great feature until an inspector shut us down. I like gardening, and this house has a big property – I have lots of room to play with plants and vegetables. More gardens […]

For Women Only

Do you remember changing for gym with other girls in elementary school? Does a residue of trauma cling to you like it does me? I have a confession to make: I am used to hiding my body. Imperfection lurks beneath my clothes. My curves are not entirely symmetrical; my skin […]

It’s Finally Here

I always feel a little lost at Christmas. “Christmas!” You say, “The kids just went back to school! Mothers everywhere are weeping over their empty nests [me included]… Why are you bringing up Christmas?” Well, I’m thinking ahead. Did you know that Advent begins in November? That’s only two months […]