Strong Spirit: Hope for Women Living with Illness

Even at this time of reduced social interaction I keep (virtually) bumping into women who are sick or struggling.  There was a time when I thought I was the only odd one.  As a youngish woman living with a chronic condition, it seemed to me that the frustration and pain […]

Answers for Your Hard Questions

We all have questions. Why is God so silent? Why did He allow this? On a day when many miss their mothers, lament a relationship with their moms that was less than ideal, or wonder why they weren’t given the chance to love and raise children of their own, here […]

Restless & Anxious

Restless: Unable to rest or relax as a result of anxiety or boredom. Anxious: Feeling worry, unease or nervousness. I’m restless, you’re restless, and I’ll bet most people we know feel anxious. Often. Some say this is due to the pandemic – it left us with lingering uncertainty about life. […]

Reaching Out

Do you know someone wrestling with anxious thoughts or depression? Is anyone in your family living with a diagnosis of chronic or terminal illness? Living well long term, when things are tough, means building into life sources of joy, comfort and hope. I routinely ask myself: What can I read […]

Enough – You Don’t Disappoint Me

I am ugly and fat. Moody and selfish. Not feminine enough. Not tough like others. I disappoint me and I surely must disappoint you. Remember the song You Are My All in All – from the ’90s? I sang it many times, back in the day. Hearing it brings back […]

Quiet (He is in the Grave)

It’s quiet. Yesterday, in church, we read scripture about Jesus’ last moments. He was tried and treated badly. Killed. A few weeks ago a priest said, “This is what it looks like for God to be human,” and he splayed his fingers and spread his arms. A painful death, he […]

Rescue Me

I’ve had a hard night. Today, this is my prayer. Maybe its yours too.

It’s Not You

I am broken. All of my loved ones are broken. Sometimes I trace backwards through history, finding people and events to blame for the brokenness. Sometimes I blame myself. There. That. If I’d chosen differently, life would not be like this. If I’d been kinder. Wiser. More observant. If I’d […]

After A Mistake

Do you ever feel like God is mad at you? I do. Every day I mess up. Sometimes I do things I shouldn’t. Other times lethargy or selfishness keep me from doing things I know I should do. Sins of commission and omission, the result of which are guilt, shame, […]

A Child In The Back Seat

My mother says every time dismay washes over me and worry assails my mind, I should intentionally turn my fears over to God. I’ve heard this before, of course, and you probably have too. I’m clinging to this, some days. It’s advice that could sound easy-to-say-but-impossible-to-do, but coming from my […]

Calling All Gardeners!

Are you waiting for spring? It’s raining today, where I am – a beautiful change from snow, snow and more snow. Join me in attending a free (online) gardening workshop on Saturday, March 25th. I come across a lot of programs in my work at a municipal library, but this […]