Strong Spirit: Hope for Women Living with Illness

Even at this time of reduced social interaction I keep (virtually) bumping into women who are sick or struggling.  There was a time when I thought I was the only odd one.  As a youngish woman living with a chronic condition, it seemed to me that the frustration and pain […]

Are You Scared?

What is the thing you are most afraid of? Do you mentally spin endless versions of a scary future – slow, sad reels about a world not quite right, or maybe horribly wrong? Where are you in these projections? Off to the side, crying? Alone? Unloved? Hurt? If you were […]

Frantic to Calm

Years ago I thought giving security items to my new baby was a bad idea. They offered only temporary comfort, and eventually that teddy bear or pacifier would have to be pried from the reluctant clasp of my little girl, who’d grown too old for such things. One year, on […]

Wrapped in Grace

Has God abandoned those who suffer pain, who experience abuse, or who don’t have adequate shelter or enough to eat? Are His favourites those with perfect-looking lives? Does God’s grace look like plenty, emotional wellness and physical health? I don’t think so. Blogger Christine Eberle recently posted a reflection on […]

Bad Days

I felt stronger when I was younger. Struggle was less constant. Some people say our worst moments – our bad days – prove that there is no God, or at least that He does not care and cannot be good. It’s a natural response to suffering, I think – questioning […]

God Is With Us

Sadness at Christmas. It’s something we all struggle with. Lost loved ones. Less than perfect holiday plans. I think twinkling lights and beautiful carols lift our hearts, but they sometimes also stir bittersweet feelings in us. A few years back, I was captivated by a few paragraphs in a book […]

Be Still

Omicron. Anti-vaxxers. Masks. Distanced visits. Empty workplaces. Closed businesses. Banned travel. Cancelled church services. Unethical clothing industry. Harmful pesticides. Pipelines. Colony collapse disorder. I could go on. Unrest. Anxiety. Fear. Sadness. Do you have your own list of words? Triggers? Fears? Do they sometimes shout louder than hope? They do […]

My Secret

I am not disabled. My gait is slow, and my breathing can be heavy. Before deciding to park and enter a store I may deliberate a bit (if I get a spot right by the entrance, it’ll half the distance and I might just manage it…) And I admit that […]


There are borders to your heart. Access is limited. The same is true for mine. And although I carefully guard admission to my own heart, I long for an open invitation to yours. To someone’s. Do you? The invitation we’re longing for – the unlimited access and unfailing love we […]

Mexican Mole

A few years back, my daughter and I tasted a sauce on our enchiladas. It was divine. Who wouldn’t love a sauce made with chocolate? During the last while, we’ve made pasta and ice cream and sushi from scratch… how hard could making a basic mole be? Very. Let me […]


The allure of what I don’t have, and a restless drive to be somewhere other than here compel me to shop when I shouldn’t. I could go there and buy that. The idea sparkles in my mind. A warm pair of socks that won’t slip down in my boots as […]