Even at this time of reduced social interaction I keep (virtually) bumping into women who are sick or struggling.  There was a time when I thought I was the only odd one.  As a youngish woman living with a chronic condition, it seemed to me that the frustration and pain of dealing with an uncooperative body made my life abnormal.  I felt abnormal.

But what is normal?  I’ve come to realize that most of us struggle – some with emotional issues like depression or anxiety, others with physical challenges like cancer or arrhythmia.

I wonder if you ever feel alone in your pain?  Or if you know someone wrestling with a recent diagnosis or ongoing condition.  Do you think Strong Spirit might touch the hurting place in your life or in the life of your loved one?  My hope is that it will.  In Strong Spirit I share my own story and introduce readers to other women who live well in spite of on-going challenges.

Strong Spirit cover

Strong Spirit Preview

Do you long to live a meaningful life in spite of chronic pain or illness? Does depression or anxiety interfere with routines that used to be easy?

In this book Holly will help you:

  • Discover that you have not been rejected or abandoned by God.
  • Learn to stop comparing yourself to others or to your former self.
  • Find balance between selfless love and self-care.
  • Find joy and comfort in your most distressing moments.
  • Embrace new hope for the future.

We belong to a community of real women who suffer and struggle. Although brokenness may be part of this season of our lives, let’s inspire one another as we allow God to use our strengths and our weakness for His glory.

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